Current class offerings are listed below. Classes marked with an asterisk (*) were developed by Adobe, classes marked with two asterisks (**) are based on Adobe course materials:

Structured FrameMaker End-User Classes

** Introduction to Structured FrameMaker 2 days
* Authoring Structured Documents 2 days
** Structured Authoring for Experienced FrameMaker Users 1 day
* Formatting Structured Documents 3 days
** Formatting Structured Documents (streamlined version) 2 days

Structured FrameMaker Application Developer Classes

** Introduction to Structured FrameMaker 2 days
* Defining Structure: EDDs and Other Tools 2 days
* Importing and Exporting XML and SGML 2 days

Frame Developer's Kit Classes

* Developing FDK Client Applications 5 days
* FDK Clients for Structured Documents 3 days

XML and SGML Classes

Introduction to XML for Documentation 1 day
Introduction to SGML 2 days