Text Structure Consulting, Inc. was founded in 1996 by Lynne Price. Lynne has been active in the SGML community since 1985. She participates in both US and international SGML standards committees and is the editor of the standard on Conformance Testing of SGML Systems.

She implemented one of the first SGML parsers (called MARKUP), beginning the work at Tandem Computers, Inc. and finishing at Hewlett-Packard Company. MARKUP was the foundation for HP Tag, an SGML application used for many years at HP.

After developing HP Tag, Lynne went to Software Exoterica (later OmniMark Technologies Corp.) She then did some consulting, including an SGML test suite for the Graphic Communications Association (GCA) and an SGML research project at Xerox PARC. She joined Frame Technology Corp. in 1991 as one of the original developers on the project that was eventually renamed Framemaker+SGML. After Frame's merger with Adobe, Lynne decided to apply her background at Text Structure Consulting, Inc.

Lynne's interest in structured documentation began in graduate school. She completed a Ph.D. in computer sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1978. Her dissertation was titled “Representing Text Structure for Automatic Processing.”

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