Structured Read/Write Rules

Read/write rules can be entered into a text file or a FrameMaker file. A FrameMaker rules file can be either structured or unstructured. Text Structure Consulting, Inc., provides a structured template for read/write rules. Use of the structured template spares the developer the need to remember the exact syntax of rules and spelling of keywords. Since the element names are mnemonic and the element structure follows the rule syntax, the template can be used even without documentation.

A complete description of the elements in the template makes it even easier to use. A user's guide is now available. The bulk of this manual is based on Chapter 25 of the Adobe FrameMaker Structure Application Developer's Guide. This chapter, modified with Adobe's permission, augments the description of each read/write rule with discussion and illustration of the elements used to enter the rule in the structured template.

The Structured Read/Write Rules Guide is available as a PDF file for $35. Contact Text Structure Consulting, Inc., for ordering information.