6 to 10 months old

Foggy Bay Kelev Different Night (Kasheh)

Born 9/8/04

Mother: Arrowhill Kelev Sans Serif HIC (Dahlet)

Father: CH Larchmont Dark Town Strutter (Monty)

Foggy Bay Kelev Patriarch CGC (Zayde)

We gave Mommy a carrot for Mother's Day. Leanne helped us pick it out. We let Mommy play with it for a bit. Then we chewed the top off.

Girl dogs pose in the backyard. (Boy dogs don't stay still for photographs.)

Best buddies rest after a play session

Zayde checks in with the judge for his Canine Good Citizen test

Auntie Fresca (Ch Arrowhill Blue Ice PT) passes the CGC the same day

Fresca walks on lead, even through a milling crowd

At his first obedience workshop

Zayde heels and does a recall, all on-lead

The key to Zayde

Play ball!

Maybe someday I can play with a real snake!

Four kashehs (questions) on Passover, but two tonight!

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