EDD Template (Metatemplate)

A metatemplate is a template for other templates. In FrameMaker, a metatemplate is a template for EDDs. Although most EDD developers use the metatemplate that comes with FrameMaker, it is possible to modify the distributed metatemplate by changing its formatting and adding additional documentation elements. Text Structure Consulting, Inc. uses a metatemplate that differs from the one provided with FrameMaker in several ways, including:

A zip file with the metatemplate for different versions of FrameMaker along with its EDD, and a test file can be downloaded with the links below. Directions for using the metatemplate and a more complete description of changes are written in comments at the beginning of the EDD.

FrameMaker 10Version FM10TSC1.13beta October 3, 2011MetaTemplate10.zip
FrameMaker 9Version FM9TSC1.12October 1, 2011MetaTemplate9.zip
FrameMaker 8Version FM8TSC1.10September 20, 2008MetaTemplate8.zip
FrameMaker 7Version FM7.0TSC1.4September 7, 2003MetaTemplate7.zip
FrameMaker+SGML 5.5.6 and 6.0 MetaTemplate.zip